Working in the building trades as a teenager in Minnesota, USA, Holmquist learned to love concrete demolition and finishing – and hate social class divisions. He later studied the practical socialist economics of Löntagarfonderna in Sweden before working as a researcher for The Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC.

In Washington he produced his first public art, a short video collage. Since then his work has involved multimedia installations around texts, usually books, after long-term research. Holmquist is a US and French citizen born in Minnesota.

Collections (selection)
Bancroft Special Collection Library – UC Berkeley
The Donald E. Wirtschafter Collection
Getty Museum – Los Angeles
Jack Ginsberg Centre for Book Arts – Wits Art Museum, South Africa
US Library of Congress, Rare Books – Washington D.C.
Kreuzberg Museum – Berlin
The Louise M. Darling Library – UCLA
Humboldt State University, Special Collections – Arcata, California
George Mason University, Special Collections – Fairfax, Virginia

Exhibitions (selection)
DEALER POSES. Photographed and Remembered
– IG Bildende Kunst | Vienna, Austria 2019
Transit Räume (group show) – SO36 | Berlin 2018
Other Homelands: Origins and Migration Routes of Berlin Parks Drug Sellers
– Kreuzberg Museum | Berlin 2017
Graphic Alchemy - Low Tide Exhibit 3
– F Street | Eureka, California 2014
Art As Research (group show) curated by Donald Russell
– Fine Art Gallery George Manson University | Washington, DC 2014
Die dritte Mauer und letzte Held (The Third Wall and Last Hero)
– Kreuzberg Museum | Berlin, Germany 2014
Peace. Love. Insurgency. (with Kenseth Armstead)
– Futhermore | Washington, DC 2013
blind eye project books of doomed love
– Bebop Gallerie | Nice, France 2003
blind eye project Red Dress Dancer & Exoptitrons
(arranged by Hans Schabus) – Schickaneder | Vienna, Austria 2002
blind eye project Exoptic Fields Boxes
– C-YA galley | New York 2000