Hardcover 8.3 × 11.7 inches (21 × 29,7 cm) 580 Pages (231 in color)
English and German edition
ISBN: 978-1-7362899-4-5

DEALER Poses reproduces the individual German press images from reports on public drug dealing, and the twenty-two collages made from them by Scott Holmquist. The collages’ titles include Work, Yoked, Ride, Foreground, and Transfer.
In the IMAGO-Stockdealer collage, Holmquist appropriates and renames a sequence of four stock press images by Olof Wagner. These photos first appeared in coverage of Holmquist’s 2016 work on dealers, then reappeared in several articles about his exhibition the following year across a range of public media outlets like RBB24, to the Berlin tabloid B.Z. One image was also used by the far right German political party Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in an election campaign during the same period. The stock images, each identified by search words including “drug violence”, “violence”, “drugs”, “criminality” were renamed to reflect their content, “Harmony”, “Grace”, “Accord”, and “Fraternity”.
All images come from the media collection, with sources from 1994 to 2018, assembled by Sara Stenczer, in an attempt to gather all press reports available for presentation in the exhibition Dealer Homelands: Origins and Migration Routes of Berlin Park Drug Dealers at the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum, Berlin (2017/2018).
Editor: Philipp Muras-Krasznahorkai
Collages: Scott Holmquist
Research: Sara Stenczer
Copy editing: Christiana Hoppe
Photos: Hans-Georg Gaul
Graphic production: Polina Tikk

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